Crowley & Gribble has experience representing people all across New Mexico. We will stand up for your rights and fight to get you the just compensation you need and deserve.

CROWLEY & GRIBBLE PC is rare combination of civil, criminal and appellate expertise, ranging from death penalty and Forensic Files(c) cases to complex contract negotiation and litigation, to novel and groundbreaking personal injury and wrongful death cases, to arguing complex appellate matters in all New Mexico Appellate and Supreme Courts and the 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado.  Despite their depth of knowledge and experience in contract, criminal and construction law, the firm strives to keep its practice diverse, with emphasis on personal injury and wrongful death, diverse and unusual contract and tort law, commercial transactions, family law, real estate and “bare knuckle” litigation.  The firm's tenured and loyal support staff provides for a uniquely responsive resource for clients.  The firm's partners are licensed in all New Mexico courts and surrounding Indian Nation jurisdictions.

We will stand up and fight

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Under the most difficult and personal circumstances, we listen to our clients.  We understand the extraordinary pain and emotion that these cases represent, and we know that what the client needs is not just a zealous advocate, but open honesty about what a good lawyer can provide under the laws of New Mexico.   We have committed ourselves to helping people in need.  


Business Litigation & Contracts

Business problems often need skilled negotiation and the ability to back up the bargaining with a quick resort to the courts, mediation, arbitration and litigation, including complex jury trials. We have experience in a wide array of business related litigation and business contract drafting services, such as real estate, construction, asset and stock sales, non-compete agreements and employment agreements.


Criminal Defense

Liberty is the cornerstone of American law, and the preservation of liberty through the zealous search for justice is a trial lawyer's most prized achievement.  Joseph Gribble has more experience in criminal law than most attorneys who advertise themselves as criminal lawyers.  Mr. Gribble is one of the few New Mexico attorneys who has worked inside the criminal justice system at its highest level, having successfully prosecuted a death penalty case which appeared on cable TV's "Forensic Files".  


Victims of Violent Crime

We are one of only a few law firms in New Mexico that has committed itself to helping victims of violent crime.  Our unique combination of personal injury and criminal defense expertise provides clients with a resource that supplements the criminal prosecution process for the victim's benefit.  Remember, the D.A.'s office represents the public of New Mexico, not you.  We represent you in lockstep with the prosecutors to provide you with the legal compensation that the criminal process is usually not able to provide.


The Personal and The Legal Process

Family Law

Decisions made during divorce and separation have lifelong effects upon individuals and families, so good legal counsel is essential for family law and probate problems. our lawyers provide discreet, compassionate, yet aggressive protection for those about to enter this process.  As the client, you need to remember that when you enter the court system, you are placing your fate and the fate or your family into the hands of strangers.  We help our clients keep their fate in their own hands as much as possible, and when it is no longer possible, we represent our client with the zeal and compassion that all families in New Mexico deserve.

Why Choose us


All the lawyers in this firm are rated "V" by Martindale Hubbell(c), the highest of ethical ratings. The firm is scrupulous in protecting clients' confidentiality and fiduciary accounts.


The best experience that lawyers can obtain is in the courtroom. The lawyers at Crowley & Gribble have achieved the highest level of experience in everything from death penalty cases to weeks-long jury trials. You will not find lawyers in New Mexico with as many trials, depositions, mediations, evidentiary hearings and colorful courtroom brawls than this firm.


The lawyers at Crowley & Gribble PC have been educated at the finest Universities and Schools of Law in the Country, including Northwestern University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri and the University of New Mexico. View our teams resumes.